4th of April 2011


It is our pleasure to inform all of our present and future clients, that Nosowski, Konratowski &Partners, Legal Advisers Office in order to guarantee you regular access to information of the most substantial legal amendments and of important events concerning business and culture in our city, start publishing the Newsletter. As a result of signing an agreement with Business Center and Center of Culture 105 in Koszalin, the Newsletter will be edited together with those two entities.

We are highly delighted with the fact, that we have succeeded to welcome Business Center and Center of Culture 105 to co-editing the Newsletter.

The decision of publishing the Newsletter together and of including in its content information referring to business and culture, is the consequence of our wish to provide the readers possibly full scope of information. It is the first free electronic periodical publication of that kind in our city, which comprises law, business and culture.

Ourselves, as well as Business Center and Center of Culture 105, we hope that our common initiative will be interesting for our present and future clients and you will find the included information attractive and useful.

The Newsletter will be issued monthly. If you wish to receive it, please write on:


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