Pro Bono

"If someone asks us for help, it means that we are still worth something."


                                                                                                        Paulo Coelho


Profession of a legal adviser is a profession of public trust and thus specific duties and responsibilities are connected with this profession. Social responsibility and obligation to be sensitive to the needs of others are especially important.

Legal Advisers' Office Nosowski, Konratowski & Partners apart from carrying out their daily activities, seek to meet  the expectations of other entities that experience difficult financial situation. Therefore, by using diverse and comprehensive experience in the field of legal services the  advisers offer legal assistance to persons and entities in need. Depending on the office availibility and  financial potentials of the person who seeks assistance  we offer free legal advice under campaign held by  competent organizations or legal representation with the use of a reduced fee. Keeping in mind financial situation of our Clients we are trying to adjust payment dates to the financial capacities of our Clients. We also accept deferred payments or instalment payments upon prior individual arrangements with the client.


Our long term goal is to build a reliable and trustworthy law firm. We believe that engaging in pro bono work adds value to the profession of solicitor.

Pro Bono Center

Legal Advisers' Office Nosowski, Konratowski & Partners has also started cooperation with the University Legal Clinics Foundation within project called "Pro Bono Center". This project, which is based on the institution functioning in the Anglo-Saxon countries, provides a continuous mediation of free legal aid provided by law firms to NGOs. "Pro Bono Center" unite the largest Polish law firms, willing to provide free legal aid within the scope of structured program. Each NGO may submit its legal problem to a coordinator of the Center - then this legal problem is verified and adequately analyzed. Law firms which cooperate with the Center take the case reported in accordance with their predispositions. We would like encourage you to acquaint yourself with the possibility to cooperate within this project:




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