About the Chamber

of Nosowski Konratowski & Partners

The Legal Advisers’ Office under the Company of Nosowski, Konratowski and Partners in the form of a limited partnership has been offering legal services since May 2008. The Company continues the business previously run by Mr Radosław Nosowski’s Legal Adviser’s Office and Mr Bartosz Konratowski’s Legal Adviser’s Office.

The vision of the founders of the Chamber of Nosowski, Konratowski and Partners is the creation of a legal services company which specialises in counselling whose purpose is to provide aid to businessmen regarding an improvement of the functioning of their companies and obtaining a leading position on the market. The Chamber has completed a number of successful projects, the effect of which is the recognition on the part of the Customers and invaluable experience.
The Chamber follows the motto according to which every problem should be dealt with taking into consideration prudence yet without any tardiness and with regard not only to effective but also quick solutions. We exercise diligence so that our Customers may be successful. 

The team
For the Chamber of Nosowski, Konratowski and Partners, the chief asset is knowledge and the experience of those lawyers who cooperate with it: their potential, an ability to analyse and solve complex legal issues, as well as flexibility in the selection of solutions regarding the requirements of a specific Customer. Owing to this approach, we form a team of lawyers whose potential and knowledge is suitably combined and used. We involve our resources in an optimal manner in order to obtain the effects expected by our Customers.
Our experience - key specialities:

Trade agreements
The lawyers from the Chamber of Nosowski, Konratowski and Partners construct trade agreements in the national and international economic circulation, have negotiations concerning the agreements made, and offer consultancy services regarding the selection of
optimal contractual solutions to secure the Customer’s interests. The Chamber has a lot of experience regarding the construction of agreements connected with running businesses aimed at obtaining energy from renewable sources (wind farms, biogas works and recycling).

M & A
The lawyers from our Chamber offer services to entrepreneurs, establish companies, branches, agencies, foundations, cooperatives and associations. We participate in the process of the merger, division and transformation of companies, and also their liquidation. We draw up legal analyses: due diligence, especially those related to investment contracts and takeovers of companies by foreign investors.
The Chamber of Nosowski, Konratowski and Partners has also participated in the work of the working group of legal experts under the Sixth Framework Programme and analysed the corporate governance of one of the organizations established as a result of the execution of a project initiated within the framework of the networks of excellence. The Chamber’s lawyers also represent Customers on the assemblies of partners and shareholders.

Intellectual property right
Owing to the knowledge possessed of the copyright, industrial law and intellectual property rights, we can offer strategic counselling services regarding these legal issues. We deal with problems specific of the nature of a given business.

Bankruptcy acts and rehabilitation law
Our offer also includes counselling services concerning issues related to the reorganization, restructuring and liquidation of companies. We propose rehabilitation operations if our Customers have unsatisfactory financial results. We make analyses of the financial standing of companies, drafts of repair programmes, proposals concerning restructuring; we conduct settlement and rehabilitation proceedings.

Labour law
As regards labour law, we verify employees’ documentation, bylaws such as regulations, ethics and pension schemes. We give support to our Customers concerning negotiations with trade unions and in any other processes initiated by employees’ representations. We assist personnel takeover processes, restructuring and reintegration of personnel teams. We also deal with the issues of industrial safety and legal aspects of production organization including working time settlement. Apart from this, we offer counselling in the difficult time of the dissolving of a service agreement. We represent out Customers in relation to employees’ issues before labour courts of any instance.
Property trade
Apart from the commercial law, projects connected with property trade constitute a substantial part of the activities pursued by the Chamber. This involves above all legal counselling in connection with the purchase, sale and development of real property. We conduct legal analyses of legal property in order to establish its legal status; we develop models of transactions related to property while taking into account the financial and fiscal aspects; we represent parties in negotiations; we prepare drafts of contracts and other documents; we conduct administrative proceedings including those concerning permits for foreigners for the purchase of property; we represent our Customers in proceedings concerning entries in land and mortgage registers.
Globalisation and a new approach to legal services

Nosowski, Konratowski and Partners serve many foreign Customers and those Polish entities which run business abroad. This requires on the part of our specialists to constantly broaden their knowledge of the international law, the European law, and also to have regular contacts with foreign legal offices.

In order to meet the needs of Customers from outside of Poland, or those who cooperate on international markets, the associates of the Chamber provide legal services in the English and German languages.



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