Nosowski, Konratowski & Partners offers its clients a range of convenient, client-specific timesheet processing methods, with special consideration given to their adjustment to individual needs and capabilities of our mandates.  For the purpose of registration of any substantive and administrative services rendered to the benefit of the clients, we use professional computer software which allows for reliable and clear timesheet processing. We understand you require from us financial transparency therefore we use a clear system of accounts, ensuring respect for your time and money. Suggestions as to timesheet processing are adjusted to individual needs of clients and the nature of commissioned cases, offering one of the following systems: 


1. Hour-based scheme

In an hour-based system we set with a client an hourly rate of pay per hour of effective practice work, i.e. work solely devoted to substantive actions. Along with each invoice our clients are presented with a summary of any actions taken on their behalf, together with precise description, date and time of their execution.

If the workload is predictable, it is possible to determine through negotiations with the client the maximum number of hours needed to execute a contract. This solution is extremely beneficial to the client, in which case it is the practice that will bear the risk of exceeding the prescribed time limit; whereas, our mandate can in advance set a maximum budget needed to pay the practice. If the time devoted to work proves to be lower than the set threshold, the remuneration would be appropriate to the number of hours worked, according to the statement of operations. 


2. Flat-rate scheme  

A flat-rate scheme is an ideal solution in case of permanent legal service for a specific client. Depending on the anticipated monthly demand for legal services, we suggest a sufficient number of hours, and we set with our client a monthly rate. Within a fixed number of hours our mandate may count on the full availability of the practice as far as direct and telephone consultation and executing letters are concerned as well as other necessary legal services. In case of exceeding the monthly hourly limit, we inform a client and upon his request we provide services which are beyond the set limit at a fixed hourly rate. By using our flat-rate scheme our mandates may count on reduced rates and favourable discounts.


3. Court representation       
The practice also offers legal assistance involving the representation of our mandates in any proceedings before common and administrative courts of law, court enforcement officers or public administrative authorities. The costs of the representation are pursuant to the Decree of the Minister of Justice of 28 September 2002 on solicitors’ fees and expenses incurred by the Treasury relative to the legal assistance provided by a public solicitor (Journal of laws 2002, no. 163, item 1349 as amended).           

The aforementioned operations are carried out on the basis of a general power of attorney granted to solicitor – to act on behalf of and for the mandate in any court and administrative proceedings – or on the basis of a specific power of attorney – to be represented in a particular case. It is also possible to provide a special power of attorney.


4. Extrajudicial debt recovery (incasso)                        
In case of extrajudicial debt recovery we use commission system at the rate individually determined with a client. Owing to this our mandates, in principle, do not bear the costs related with recovery of debt from insolvent debtors. 



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