With regard to Art.12 under Art.25 of the Solicitors Code of Ethics (Annex to Resolution No. 5 VIII of the National Congress of Solicitors of 10 November 2007) a solicitor is completely prohibited from advertising. A solicitor is also obliged to keep confidential all information obtained in connection with practicing the profession. The obligation of confidentiality also covers, i.a. the prohibition to use acquired information for personal purposes.


According to the Solicitors Code of Ethics it is prohibited to inform about:

  • - a solicitor or his professional activities when appearing in mass media, which goes beyond essential and material need for information;      
  • - the list (lists) of clients who do not give their consent to do so;
  • - the participation in legal rankings and informing about taking specific places if the rankings are not held according to rules stipulated under a resolution by competent authority of local solicitors;                                                 
  • - matters concerning sponsorship if  it is not conducted in accordance with the rules established under a resolution  by competent authority of local solicitors.


Our honourable clients wishing to consult the references should feel free to contact the practice by e-mail.


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